Here am I

My first official blog. Not unlike my first day at school where I knew nothing…and coasted on the waves of “write an essay describing what you did on your summer vacation”. Wasn’t it supposed to feel different? I wasn’t expecting to be confronted with a lack of inspiration. Perhaps it is because it is difficult for me to listen to the Brandenburg concerto #3 in G-major and type at the same time. I am becoming one with the radio- thanks to Danielle Charbeneau and CBC Radio Two. Now the sweet strains of a Telemann fantasia for flute, played by an ambitious bassoonist compete with the hiss of an imperfectly tuned station, dancing across the desk, weaving around my ears and forcing me to forget elementary words. Can you see pictures when the music is playing? Can you see colors and smell the richness of chicken stew and cobbler? Or does all fade to dusk in the sun of glorious harmony?

2 thoughts on “Here am I

  1. You mean you can’t tune the radio, clap your hands, tame Barnelia, write a sonnet and dance the hornpipe all at the same time while writing a blog entry about it? Perhaps you’ve entered the wrong field. Blogging is not for the fainthearted.I always just write about something stupid. At least it gets words on the page. This cybernetic blogworld is not like the proverbial world, where even a fool when silent is thought to be wise.

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