The Joy of Family

Blessed be God for cousins and courageous aunties who venture forth into the world of laptop computers. “I’ll probably use it for e-mail” says my dear 89 year old aunt Helen- but I think that she will go on to even greater literary aspirations and adventures. “You could write the ‘Great Canadian Novel'” I say with enthusiasm. She looks at me with doubtful eyes- just touching the keyboard of Rhonda’s computer requires enormous faith. I look at the photograph of aunt Helen on her wall- the one of her wearing a motorcycle helmut and sitting perched atop my brother-in-law’s Harley-Davidson. This woman is capable of anything. E-mail only? Hardly. This plucky chicken will be trading stocks and doing her business exchanges as well as any Ameri-trader. She already knows how to play solitaire!
So now she has done it! Gone out and bought a Toshiba laptop for crying out loud! What will she do next?
I have my eye on an Asus computer- one with a funky little camera built in….oh the bells and whistles…the siren-like effect of blinking machines sucking me into the vortex of techno-oblivion. My eyes glaze over. I try to sound intelligent as I ask about CD/DVD/RW, celeron vs pentium, motherboards, fatherboards, and patridges in pear trees. Can I record with it? Somehow I stop myself before I commit to $2000 worth of electronics weighing less than 7 lbs. Sleep on it. Do the research. This I tell myself before I dutifully go off to work. Tomorrow is another day.

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