Google me up Scotty

Sweat trickles down the side of my neck as I squint at the collage of letters, brackets, slashes, colons, dots and squiggles-a language of divine beings that sport 20 letters after their names. I can do this…I think I can. Images of a Little Red Engine cresting a very large hill fade in and out of my imagination as I cut, paste, delete, and republish. Who invented the word “blog” anyway? Log the blog before you walk the dog in the smog with your brain in a fog. Someone was having a really good day….. but wait… actually worked!!! I see the names listed on the right hand side of the screen…”Matthew my Son the Therapist; Mira my Future Daughter; Geoffrey my Son the Chef”. Hot Darn! (this IS a family blog). Praised be to God for the miracle of cyberspace.

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