For the utterly perplexed…

Blog templates give me angina. The combination of parenthetical brackets, dots, squiggles, numbers and boolean symbols is an alchemy of Merlinian proportion. How it becomes something readable, or pictoral, is a mystery that I fear may remain forever inaccessible to me. Being the punctilious creature that I am, I carefully arrange my little lines of gooble-dee-gook-like symbols in neat little rows, like little soldiers, all perfectly symmetrical inside the box that is the “template zone”. Not only does my superhero NOT appear, but the blog itself looks like something that was thrown into the dryer without Bounce. Is there a “Nerds Anonymous” helpline out there? Was there an apostrophe missing? Parentheses in the wrong place?? Hmmm. If nature is overseen by a hegemony of gods in a Dilliard-like universe, then surely the world of technology is ruled by demons. Perhaps a dose of solitude in a hermitage will bring me back into the place where I see the Divine comedy of it all..

One thought on “For the utterly perplexed…

  1. It’s just code. Yeesh. Don’t tell me you’ve never coded before. You used PERL or Basic or something once, didn’t you? At Forestry?

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