My garden (NOT)

Oh how I wish that my garden looked as good as the picture above. I like to experiment with flowers and vegetables, growing them together- tulips and broccili, tomatoes and roses, and the never ending litany of herbs…..thus my garden looks more like a mind not made up.

One thought on “My garden (NOT)

  1. Dear Josie,I love the purple colour of this flower. I bought some socks today in this colour. They have crosses all over them. I am going to call them my Lenten socks (purple is the colour we use liturgically for Lent). And don’t feel bad about your garden, first of all I am sure it’s beautiful, and second of all, I spent a day on a hillside planting flowers in Mexico and it was hard work!!! I have newfound respect for those who garden.So I made it back from Mexico, and it was cooooooold…but a very blessed experience for all.I’ll bring pictures the next time we meet. I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow with our beloved Matthew, to a retreat that another very talented Matthew is leading.Hope all is well! Love Mira

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