Why do we dream?

Approximately 25% of our dreams occur during non-REM sleep, or so say the scientists. The formation of our dreams is supposed to occur in the forebrain- that place where “desire and hallucinations” percolate just below the cognitive surface. Jewish tradition holds that “sleep is 1/60th of death and dreams are 1/60th of prophecy”. Isn’t it so like science to want to package and quantify mystery? On the other hand, the new age mystics out there have a field day with people’s dreams, writing books that teach us how to interpret our nocturnal visions. The balance between total reductionism and existential flakiness must lie out there somewhere, in the ‘secret things which belong to the LORD’. I do believe that God speaks quite directly to us in and through our dreams- as evidenced throughout biblical history. Unraveling the symbolism of our dreams occasionally requires the sensitivity and insight of a Daniel or a Joseph- especially when the dream cannot be directly connected to the jalepeno pizza consumed apriori.

One thought on “Why do we dream?

  1. Dear mum,My favorite quote about New Agers:”No matter how New Age you get, Old Age’s gonna kick your a**!”

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