Preachers murdered in America?

Mary Winkler stands accused of killing a preacher- one who happened to be her husband. Her neighbours are stunned- postpartum depression? Spousal abuse? All is not as it seems- and now the journalists are marching out and reviewing a shopping list of past murders committed by husbands/wives. “Is it possible that one could marry one’s murderer?”, asks Anderson Cooper. Or is it rather that we tend to mistreat the ones who are the closest to us- the ones who are least likely to fight back?
The world is rapidly spinning out of control- “Satan is alive and well” in North America, and getting full coverage on CNN as the camera zooms in on “exorcisms by Bob Larson”. Such a paradox- deliverance ministries are receiving renewed attention from the media, and a second look by mainline religions, while simultaneously converts to Christianity in Afghanistan are being sentenced to death, and Christian couples in the USA are offing each other. What kind of a mixed message is this?? Religion is bound to make you nutty? Turn you into a freaky killer? What is this obsession with sensationalism, bloodshed, and God- all combined together in the same bowl? I am tempted to think that the news media has a perverse agenda- to create and grandstand celebrity-evil, whilst destroying any vestigial desire to pursue kindness, showcase virtue and hold sacred the ‘fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom’.

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