Divine Intervention?

Dramatic evidence of miraculous intervention leaps out from the TV screen. Although homes are damaged, the families living on Heritage Drive attribute their amazing survival to ‘the still small voice’ warning them that the ‘tornado was not yet over’. Skeptics claim that it was just ‘luck’, but the believing community knows otherwise. Why is modern society so reluctant to give God credit? Perhaps because the same people who thanked Him for their deliverance also claimed that the loss of life on the ‘other side of the tracks’ was a result of His Judgement. I confess that I have troubling questions. Whose side is God on- the side of the casualties and their families, or only the survivors? Were the people on Heritage Drive really more righteous than those living a block or two away? Was proximity to the Methodist Church the deciding factor? Do we automatically assume that bad things only happen to bad people? I think not. How quickly we lose sight of God as Lover of all souls.

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