Mousies, installment #2

Alas. The mouse remains victorious. We have gone through several Reese’s peanut butter cups, and like Houdini, the mouse eludes the most elaborate of traps. Like a devout monk, Greg religiously sets his mirrors, bamboo sticks, and upside-down lasagna pan suspended gingerly with threads. Waking at around 3-4 am, he pulls on the thread to hear the satisfying ‘thunk’ of the glass pan as it crashes down onto the kitchen counter-top (he has theorized that the mouse visits at this hour). All to no avail. Said Mus musculus remains at large, leaving tiny brown deposits as proof of his/her belligerant existance. I am convinced that this creature is part frog- there is no other explanation for it’s uncanny ability to climb walls, ceilings, and what-not. I am feeling rather territorial with respect to the bait- after all, I had the peanut butter cups first! Well, if ever Greg had a “purpose-driven-life”, it is for the apprehension of this micro-monster. I am curious as to the spiritual applications of this situation- especially at this time of year. Is Greg in fact “Pharoah”, and the mouse a “mini-Moshe”? So far he/she has not touched the matzos….

One thought on “Mousies, installment #2

  1. HHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!Oh stop!!! It’s too much!!! I can’t stop laughing!!! This is all too funny!!! HHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

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