Let my people go…..

Throughout history God has been on the side of the underdog. This flies in the face of triumphalism- that ernest conviction that the Conquistador wins because of Divine approval, and that the losers are given only what they deserve. The more I study, the more I see that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble”. My next question becomes “what does it mean to be truly humble”, or as it is otherwise put “lowly in spirit”? If there was ever a time in history that we needed to see the face of humility, it is now. We live in an age of arrogance, entitlement, and blame-shifting, and as such we are all “slaves in Egypt”, held in bondage, in that narrow place, that constricted place where self sits enthroned. How loudly do we cry out for deliverance? Is that deliverance FROM or FOR; either option will require a death to the old ways of being and interacting with the world. Is that narrow place uncomfortable enough to make liberation desirable, or does it provide only a convenient excuse to whine? How badly do we want freedom- because with true freedom comes choice, responsibility, and self-determination. Once liberated, the Israelites needed to learn how to be free- it was easy prior to the Exodus to blame Pharoah for all of their problems. They were slaves. They bought into the culture of victimhood. It was a hard life, but predictable. As a free nation, they quickly transferred their blame to Moses when things went wrong- after all, that was a familiar way of dealing with difficulty. Freedom is terrifying, electrifying, potent and terrible. It means that….maybe….I might have to bear some responsibility for the things that are going on in my life, but that…maybe…I might be able to do something constructive about improving the situation. I can’t blame the bad guys anymore. The Egyptians were swept away into the sea. I can’t blame the government, my parents, my hormones, my dog, lack of education, too much education, or the fact that I was fed infant formula. I am responsible for RESPONDING before a just and holy Creator, who desires ME in relationship, and has covenanted to be with me forever. The Israelites trembled before the mountain -“you speak to God for us” they begged Moses. But God doesn’t really want a third-party relationship with His children does He? Hear Him calling? Even so come. “Let all who hunger and thirst come to share this passover with us” says the Haggadah. This year and in years to come. May the One who delivered and delivers today bring peace to all who desire His Presense, and may we say “Amen”.

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