A New book (so what else is new..)

I am reading a new book entitled “The Rhythm of Life: Living each day with Passion and Purpose”, by Matthew Kelly. The book is not really saying anything that I don’t know already, but it is confirming those things that life has taught me in a deep and profound way. It is funny how we can’t embrace the wisdom that comes to us through ‘the still small voice’ until it is somehow reaffirmed by sources external to us. It is as if this book is giving me permission to own my convictions.  
I would like to come to a place in my journey where it is no longer necessary to rely on the feedback of those around me. To act upon those things that are grounded in truth, in righteousness, and in love may pit me against the ways of the general population. Prophets and holy ones (not that I profess to be either) have never been ‘trendy’, surrounded by devoted groupies, and lauded by the political institutions of the day. Speaking the truth is an alienating experience that demands that we move away from the comfort zones of convention and diplomacy.
One only has to examine the recent history of our time to see how those who challenge the bastions of self-righteous bigotry are quickly and efficiently silenced. The Goliaths that we face today are much bigger than ever before- the media, corporate interests, and celebrity icons to name but a few. And even more sobering is the fact that these titans come well disguised. Teasing out justice and mercy from the heart is an unending operation on a society sickened and blunted by cynicism, sensationalism, and ever increasing isolation.
We have forgotten how to be led by still waters, how to let our souls be restored, how to ‘not want’.  May the One who is our Shepherd once again have mercy.

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