Confessions of a book-a-holic…..

It started innocently. I had to get a birthday present- and wound up walking away with six books. Two of the books were given away (reluctantly)- although I’m sure that I will probably go back and buy additional copies of “The Worst Jobs in History”. The collection of daily readings by C.S. Lewis will likely make it to my library shelf next month. In the meantime, I have two books by Karen Armstrong (famed “God historian”), and an apologetic of Jewish theology by David Klinghoffer, and for dessert, “One River, Many Wells”. Of course I am still reading “The rhythm of Life”, and it’s sequel “The Seven Levels of Intimacy” (this not what some may think..). I snacked upon “I am David”- which I will be expected to regurgitate in some form for a group of recalcitrant 13 year olds as part of their English 8 literature circle. If it was really food that I was consuming, I would likely be a candidate for Jenny Craig, however I know of no “Word-Watchers” self-help groups. “My name is Josie, and I eat books”- I see myself standing before a room filled with bespectacled and bleary-eyed co-addicts. I can’t help myself. My curiosity and thirst for ideas, for the fellowship of thinking, for the pure delight of sharing language, experiences, and life’s wisdom is like a well spring that bubbles up and percolates through my waking moments. I am in love with learning. An eternal student. I worship God as I study, as I read, and as I sing. “How precious also are Your thoughts unto me O God”, “O how I love Your law- it is my meditation day and night”. When I read, I am on the same journey as the author – a welcomed guest, privy to thoughts and insights that in vulnerability have been laid bare and infused with God’s Spirit. To read is an awesome privilege, a sacred act and a holy responsibility surpassed only by my duty to interact with and be changed by the wisdom that is revealed. So I don’t get much sleep- somethings are worth staying awake for.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a book-a-holic…..

  1. In my opinion, Karen Armstrong is the Harlequin romance writer of Church History. Basically, what happens when sociologists such as Armstrong examine religion is that they find a few patterns (which usually only amount to the patterns that make up the definition of what constitutes a religion in any case) and then set out to prove that humans invented religion, and then they explain why. Usually things like “mass control” and “subjugation of women” emerge. Hardly surprising, in an era of feminist revisionism. That’s my opinion.

  2. Hey book a holic – its worse than you think. You not only have the “book eating disease” you are spreading it to people around you…like a typhoid bookworm! That’s OK – as long as we tlak about the books we read, we’re not being anti social right?!

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