So close and yet so far away: Mousies #4

The battle was almost won two nights ago. Greg came up with the brilliant idea of using baker’s paper on the kitchen counter (so that he could hear the mouse walking). He crunched up the paper and then spread it out onto the counter, carefully suspending the requisite lasagna pan with it’s bamboo skewer and thread over the centrally positioned Reeses peanut butter cup. It was a fool proof trap. Sure enough, shortly after the lights went out, the soft tap-tap of rodent feet could be heard- amplified by the crackling of the baker’s paper. Greg sprung to life and confronted the wee beastie- who at this point was behind the sugar cannister with only his/her tail showing. Greg walled off every possible escape route using plate glass, metal, and the phone book, and then- in triumph- went to bed to contemplate his success. Alas, the following morning, the mouse had eaten a hole through the yellow pages, large enough to squeeze through. Back to the drawing board. I’d like to know which engineering school this animal graduated from.

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