About the Locals

In general, we’re a loose affiliation of folk from around Victoria seeking to grapple with the good news of Christ within the context of postmodernity and our neighbourhoods.

But in our own words:

” There seems to be consensus around the table that when it comes to the gospel, culture and the church “something” has happened. What is that “something” and how does the Spirit best guide my thinking in these days “?

“That is why it is important to me to discuss theology here – pluralism, evangelism, inerrancy of scripture, prayer,etc.I still need to hash thiss tuff out because it is not settled inside of me.”

” For me it is stimulating just to chat with some people who are either immersed or sniffing around the edges of the same subject areas. It is even more meaningfulthat there is some cross-over in church background and experience. So far, the questions, musings, opionions are helpful in themselves “.

“… seeing as how actions speak louder than words: together, this group will “
‘be’ more than it “does.” we’ll all be beer connossieurs spinning manifestos of grandiouse (hope-filled) proportions and disgruntled beat-up servants until the night is over and we hit our communities/parishes/third spaces where what we’ve talked about mixes with what’s before us and a new love for god + neighbour makes itself manifest .”

“So…I mean…what are we doing? Just chatting? A group of church leaders/visionaries looking for solidarity? Finding points of agreement/disagreement/resonance/dissonance? We’re not a college of bishops, not a synod, not a planning group, not a casual dinner party”.

“… Or perhaps an eclectic group of weary pilgrims is bouyed by the knowledge that they are not alone out there “.

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