More confessions…….

Forgive me mastercard for I have sinned. Not really though- I did have a credit to my account. What better way to use it up than to buy more books. A brand new leather-bound JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh sits, like a siren poised and seductive, waiting to be opened up, admired, imbibed upon, and appreciated. Another Karen Armstrong offering “The Great Transformation”, and a third paperback promising to begift me with unction, insights and palliative wisdom to strengthen the scaffold of my nursing skills- “Facing Death, Embracing Life”, by David Kuhl. Compassion- my penance for overdosing on a triple helping of coveted learning. If I come away with more compassion, then I shall sin again at the next opportunity. May I not be book-learned only, but schooled in the everlasting lessons of living, for which books serve as only the primers, and death becomes the final entrance exam.

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