Damage control- ferreting out the mousies

I was just that close to getting a ferret- after I heard the pet store manager praising it’s hunting skills to the skies. “Cats are useless when it comes to ousting mice”, she insisted. (Note to self: This was the same individual who sold me Leporello, the feline terrorist.) Watching the ferret amble undulating through it’s plexiglass tubular maze, left me with the eerie and uncertain feeling that I was watching a creature that was part rat and part cat, with a bit of raccoon thrown in for good measure. If this thing could decimate my growing maus population…well..who was I to refuse? Such perfect teeth! Such adorable paws, and cuddley- I’m sure that it would befriend the chickens, and the resident fat cats of the neighbourhood….Alas. Greg said ‘nada’. Sigh.

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