Da Vinci’s Inquest (kind of)

James (Prette) and Randy Hein will be hosting a coffee-talk in response to The Da Vinci Code on Wednesday May 31st at 7:30pm (at LPC).

So far, the night is not looking to cater toward fact-refutation (though I’m sure there will be some) so much as it will be discussing some questions as to why the book and it’s provocative claims are resonating within our culture so profoundly….

One thought on “Da Vinci’s Inquest (kind of)

  1. This is what I wrote on ‘the place’ site : Some thoughts that I have when I heard about this – It’s good that we aren’t focussing too much on the ‘fact or fiction’ issue. If indeed we believe that any serious inquisitor on this subject, If they put in the work (study), would realize that this movie and book is at best entertaining fiction. Remember when Christians were ‘up in arms’ when Scorsese’s, ‘ last temptation of Christ ‘ came out ? That only served to increase the exposure of the movie and put in the minds of Non Christians that perhaps the Christians are hiding something from us. Or perhaps thought that we are so timid to be threatened by different Ideas, perceptions. Do we not run the risk of doing the same thing here ? Maybe this book and movie will get people to look into what’s being asserted and actually seek the truth. I express caution if we intend to be ‘defenders of the faith’…If so, our intention to clarify might actually backfire, ” there they go again, making a mountain out of a mole hill, they seem so insecure “. I look forward to hearing how Hein and Prette think this story resonates so much with this culture and how they think we ought to respond to it…. Without having the appearance of being threatened ?…

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