A lament for Vegemite

I have discovered to my dismay that Kraft Canada has discontinued the production and distribution of Vegemite on this soil. Oh the wrath that this nation flirts with is ominous indeed ! However, I am compelled to take the high road, love mercy and overcome my grief. Mourn this nation’s loss and see the joy, history and recipe’s it has denied itself, here…And don’t forget to check out a cute jingle, here.

If in your shopping endeavors, you happen to come across a lonely little jar. Retrieve it for your mourning brother, do not harden your heart and become stiff necked ( like one of our brethren who shall become ‘un’ nameless – Randy Hein ). Weep with me !!!… And pray that my suffering is swift.

Ps – And Marmite just doesn’t cut it…

2 thoughts on “A lament for Vegemite

  1. Ohhhhhhh Imma ! In the immortal words of “the highlander ” ( spoken in a quasi french/scottish accent ) , ” there can be only one ” ! I say this in both the contexts that you convey above ….. I am attentive indeed.

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