Self censorship

Some people have no difficulty letting themselves be known. Whatever it is they are thinking or feeling is broadcast for all to see, without shame, without apology, without explanation. Others, for fear of rejection, disapproval, or whatever, re-invent themselves for every person, and every situation, carefully testing the emotional or political environment, guarding their inner life and their true thoughts or feelings in order to give those around them what they think others want to hear. One way of being brings a great deal of freedom to those who are strong enough to not care about what others think. The other way of being is a deception- a short sighted plea-bargain for acceptance at the cost of personal censorship. It seems like the more accommodating and preferential response- but it lacks the honesty that provides the cement that is so foundational to all healthy relationships. But sometimes, it is the only way that seems feasible to avoid painful conflict or potential confrontation. Not all are like the shepherd David- some Goliaths are just too hard to face.

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