I am of all people truly blessed- not only do I have loving friends and family, but I have cousins! Beautiful, wonderful, warm and dearly loved cousins from east of the Rockies- who in turn have the sweetest and most endearing of children. Children who actually like to be with adults (even the oldest, who is a teenager), and who are distinguished by a conspicuous lack of “attitude” so commonly seen in many of their peers. Sasha, the eldest, is an amazing boy- intelligent, and quick to enter into conversation- sharing pictures & details of the historical park where he works. Alyssa, the only girl, is as picture perfect as a princess. She has a tender and sensitive nature and brings joy everywhere she goes with her generous smile. The youngest “Ashley-Shea Holmes” (as he solemnly and carefully enunciates) is absolutely delightful- jumping right into the thick of cake decorating, he took his responsibilities ever so seriously. He has an adorable disposition, and pronounces his “l”‘s as “y”‘s, so that “lion” becomes “yi-yan”, and his “r”‘s become “ah”‘s. There is nothing like a four year old child to remind one of the miracle of all creation. I marvel at the confidence of one so young. I credit my cousins- Dawnell and Bob- for raising such treasures, knowing that their incredible love and patience have given these young souls that rich and essential place of safety needed for character to develop. And these children have immense character- what a blessing they are to their parents and to all of their other relatives.

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