God of Israel- Hosheianu!!

If there was ever a time when Israel’s messiah needed to come (for the first or the second time….who cares at this point..) it is now. The president of Iran has sworn to provide some very nasty cataclysmic sort of ‘sign’ to the entire world on August 22..leaving very little to the imagination as to what that ‘sign’ might be. Whoever said that Islam was a religion of love and peace has not gotten the message out to its millions of adherents- who call daily for the total and violent annihilation of all non-Muslims, and any unfortunate moderates within its own ranks. Of course, Jews and Christians are high on the list to suffer the worst hells that jihad can offer. I think that they are referred to as “apes and pigs” respectively- O if only it was true that ‘names could never hurt me’.

The propaganda machine is far more destructive than any bodily weapon, for it is the evil that spews from rage-filled and hateful speech that drives the engines of war to begin with. People don’t decide to kill each other in a vacuum, or because they feel inordinately conciliatory. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” says the writer of Proverbs. To think “murder” in the heart is the first step..the bullet or bomb becomes the final commitment to a destruction that began its process in the mind. Rabbi Yeshua said “he who hates his brother in his heart has already committed murder”.

Radical Islam is not a religion that cherishes life- it is a death cult. This is not a religion that is dedicated to caring for the poor, the destitute, the orphans and the widows- as they are simply the convenient poster images that help them win the media war. Do jihadists really care about things like social programs, or social responsibility, or community dialogue, or reaching out to one’s neighbour?

We who live in the free world cannot afford to look the other way while Israel teeters on the brink of the abyss- we cannot let 1938 happen once more. We cannot afford to stop loving, neither should we live paralyzed in fear. As Elisha said when he wrapped Elijah’s mantle around his shoulders..”where now is the God of Israel?”, we need to stand, to cry out, and to place our hope in the One who ‘neither slumbers nor sleeps’. We need to pray with our feet, with our actions, and not hide our heads in the sand and hope that it will all go away. To do otherwise, to eschew inaction, apathy, or worse, would be a desecration of the phrase “never again”.

Muslims worldwide are united in their antipathy toward Israel- why Israel? Why not Botswana? Why not the Northwest territories? Why such a tiny country, with Jews representing less than 1% of the world’s population? Why can’t they live and let live?? Behold the destructive, deceptive, erosive power of pride in an honor culture. It is time to learn serious lessons from books- historical and holy.

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