St Gregory

How appropriate that today- in the Orthodox calender- the lives of at least a couple of St Gregory’s are celebrated. My living, and ever beloved sainted husband- “Gregory-of-Perpetual-Patience” deserves to be placed in that company of august stellars (and not just by virtue of the name). I am forever indebted to God for the gift of this gracious man- and indeed would be nothing without him. Not that one should ever elevate a human being to the status of an icon of worship- however- let it be said that the company one keeps on the journey home either inspires one to worship God, or distracts one from the same. For a companion to call forth the former is worthy of praise. Greg is a constant inspiration to me- even when I find the ‘gift wrap’ a tangle to work through. How blessed is the one who finds their best and truest friend in the one they promised to ‘love and cherish’. In such are found embodied that “steadfast love of the Lord [which] never ceases”.

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