Simchat Torah

Hakafot, intense singing, dancing with scrolls, candies, the laughter of small children who have been allowed to remain up well past their bedtime…and the usual abundance of food..all heralding the closure of the High Holy days. Simchat Torah- the rejoicing of the Torah- is the culmination, that “last great day of the Feast” in which we take particular joy in the gift of God’s love letter to us. The Psalmist declares “how sweet are thy words unto me, yea sweeter than honey to my mouth”, “the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul- the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple”. We are reminded once again that we are relational beings- called to celebrate His goodness in community, with thankful hearts- and to take heed to His commandments, which are the life and substance of our being. Words that are “nigh thee, even in thy mouth”, and commandments that are not “out there”, but are in front of us, to do and to perform in faithfulness. I celebrate, not my own faithfulness, but God’s- knowing that my own ‘righteousness’ is like a ‘filthy rag’. I celebrate the answers that I have not yet received- and the questions I have yet to ask. I celebrate the God who Is.

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