Adrian Plass

Tonight we went to a concert featuring Adrian Plass and Steve Bell. I am unashamedly a Plassian groupie. Since the first day I picked up and read “The Sacred Diary” almost 15 years ago, I have continued to find myself and my life experiences played out faithfully in its characters. I too have struggled with wanting to move the metaphorical paper clips in my life; of wanting to hear so badly ‘the still small voice of the Spirit’, that I am willing to catch any fleeting inspiration as straight from God’s lips to my ears. The people of God can be most un-godlike at times- and I do well to look within at my own sorry state rather than at the faults of others. So often, those faults become the centre pins of some of our most grace-filled moments. But for now, I say ‘goodnight’ with a merry heart, having laughed once again at the complicated way in which I view my universe. And I am once again grateful to the One true God, who in the words of one of Plass’s characters “is nice and likes me”.

2 thoughts on “Adrian Plass

  1. Adrian and Bridget were SO great, weren’t they. Thanks for introducing me to his work. Loving God and a good laugh are clearly 2 of the chords that bind us together eh?

  2. Oh yes..and so much more than that binds us together! I will have to tell you about the dream I had on Friday night.

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