Tribute to Clive Staples Lewis

Today, Nov. 22, is the anniversary of the death of one of my favorite authors. What should one do on such a day? Why- bring on the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe of course. I can honestly say that no other single author has affected me in as profound a way as CS Lewis. In fiction, apologetics, or the analysis of his own personal ocean of loss and grief, Lewis never fails to confront the hard questions.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Clive Staples Lewis

  1. We really do have alot in common, you and I, in so many diverse ways. I too am a great admirer of C.S. Lewis. Thank you for reminding me.Love, Sandi

  2. Yeah baby! (sorry about the personal salutation- I haven’t even met you yet…) I’m reading The Great Divorce for the first time in between about 5 other books…

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