Greg, the grand piano, and the amorous parrot

Greg has an amazingly interesting life. Not only does he make a living doing what he loves- tuning and playing pianos- but he meets the most unusual creatures in the process. On one occasion, while pounding away on a grand piano, he was surprised to hear a scuffling sound on the floor and looked up to see a small parrot-like bird walking towards him. The bird was most intent on sizing Greg up, and walked back and forth across the floor, pausing to peek up periodically. Greg kept right on bonging away, not quite sure of what else to do. Eventually the bird came up underneath the piano and began to climb up the pedal railing- just as Greg was proceeding to test the pedals-depressing and releasing, while the bird bobbed up and down as if on a teeter-totter. The bird continued to watch Greg-very intently. It soon tired of the pedal, scooted down onto the floor and plunked itself on top of Greg’s shoe. Just sat there while Greg kept on tuning. Eventually it climbed up Greg’s pantleg to get a better look at him (I assume). At this juncture in time, Greg decided that ‘time out’ for the bird was appropriate. I don’t think that he expected to be the focus of so much avian attention. Who says birds have little brains???

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