Confessions of a book-a-holic

I don’t know what came over me. First it was just the “Brothers K”, then a little book by CS Lewis (Miracles), and then I saw it……’The Brain Diet’…flashing in scintillatingly seductive lettering across the page. Like a hapless sailor attracted to the sirens on a rock, I came crashing down onto the keyboard. Point, click….have to have that one too. After all, I DO have a Chapters rewards card- surely that atones for my literary gluttony. As I sit, surrounded by shelves of hardcover and softcover, fiction and beloved non-fiction gaze in loving approval at the thought of yet more lettered companions. O the joy of reading- the absolute surrender of entering worlds unseen to the naked eye, but radiant in the technicolor of imagination. I hate to part with books. I have a box sitting by the door, filled with old texts that I really should have parted with years ago- but they sit there- reluctant to cross the threshold. Loves my books…just loves them.

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