Holiday Humility

My holiday season is largely invisible to the rest of my family. Dwarfed by the colourful dazzle of Christmas, the ‘minor’ holiday of Chanukah recedes into oblivion-noticeable only by the presense of many candles and the traditional largess of fried foods and chocolate gelt. And yet, Chanukah is a celebration that Jesus would have taken part in- a minor celebration, like Purim, to mark the Jews’ deliverance from spiritual and physical annihilations respectively. Holidays that remind God of his part in covenant, and that enjoin us to once again rededicate ourselves to Him. In listening to one of Matthew’s colleagues speak this morning, it was brought home to me once again how much I differ from the ‘the fold’. The importance of editing my questions, editing my thoughts, and censoring my struggles is never far below the surface. I sit in attentive silence, realizing that the only thing that really matters is how well I listen.

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