Old vs New? Or First vs Second?

I get so tired sometimes of hearing about the “old” testament vs the “new” testament. If newer was ‘better’ or more ‘authentic’, perhaps we should disregard all sacred writ in favor of the latest and loudest sound byte from the “Top 10” list of North American ‘prophets’ or preachers. After all, anyone can get a ‘word from the Lord’ now. On the other hand, God is described as the “Ancient of Days”. If there is merit in length of days, then perhaps we need to take a second look at those books that fill more than 75% of the canon of what we know as the “Holy Bible”. To unceremoniously chuck, or render ‘irrelevant’ the more than 3000 years of history preceding the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth seems ignorant at best, and arrogantly ‘replacement’ at worst. Look around- am Yisrael chai. The ‘stiff-necked’ people who stubbornly refuse to disappear into the sea of Christendom are not about to go away. Neither will the God that called them into being forget His covenant with them. If He does, then the world is truly without hope.

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