How does one write a poem on a blog?

I have tried writing poems in the past. I can never get them centred the right way. I weep to think of the many profoundly beautiful sonnets and snippets that have failed to reach cyberspace because of my dismal lack of technical knowledge. Alas and forsooth.

2 thoughts on “How does one write a poem on a blog?

  1. No worries. Your tech skills are not that bad…you managed to get your self a blog, right?I used to write poetry when I was younger…but the emotion went away with good at it anymore.

  2. Do yourself a favor….learn, familiarize yourself, get comfortable with the technology….then just share. Reach inside and pull it out..imagine yourself, visialize, you’re in your most comfortable, peaceful, safe place…whether that be alone in your living room, wrapped in your favorite blanket, all cozy and comfy…nobody’s around…so, whatta got to loose…nothing…except maybe a brick in the wall. I could go on…but I’ll stop there.Love you,Sandi

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