…. Speaking of sacrilege

Wow, check out what a local artist out in Metchosen has done here . What do you think ? Is this guy over the top ? Is this art or is this overt evil as some have said, ” our children would be confused by such a sight “, ” Seeing this takes away the magic of Christmas “. Read the article and leave your comments, I look forward to them….

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4 thoughts on “…. Speaking of sacrilege

  1. Hey Paul, I thought it was a great piece of art. It is a real assault on our mind, as it sort of shatters the images in our memory. It’s a collision between the sacred and the secular…talk about creating a space where we can engage faith and culture. I love art that engages us in conversation.My friend Bill Millar from Winnepeg, introduced this picture last year…does this assualt our senses anymore.http://theoldbill.typepad.com/photos/images_of_jesus/jesusconsumer_1.htmlPeace…Ron

  2. I like it when people feel free to express themselves. It’s usually the controversial things that get attention. I really don’t get how a Santa on a cross is art though… to me it’s more like a concrete expression of a thought. Art is beautiful. This is not beautiful.

  3. I am not anonymous. I mean I am anonymous but not intentionally. Since I don’t know if this comment will leave me being anonymous, I will sign me out… Paige

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