The sorrow of the world weighs heavily on me at times, bringing with it a sense of profound emptiness. As Dickens once said “it is at this festive time of the year that want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices”. The dichotomy of deep joy and tragedy, feast and famine, peace-on-earth-goodwill-toward-men and suicide bombers is mind and heart numbing. How can I reconcile all of this? The simple answer is- I can’t. I can’t fix it, so it eats away at my soul. Unwilling to be an unengaged and dispassionate observer, I bleed inwardly. Bleeding for children who have been taught to fear and to hate long before they learn to read. Weeping for a people whose credo is not “love thy neighbour as thyself”- but whose eyes have been trained to view the ‘other’ as inherently evil. Groaning with the labour of this load that cannot be shared with those nearest to me- for it is far too threatening. I am so weary that every breath that I take hurts, and it is a Herculean effort to say “yes” to life. Where is the rest for my soul? Is there anyone, any fellow traveller that can help me?

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