I’d like to teach the world to sing ……not drink Coke.

Why am I always the last one to sing in studio recitals? Last night was a ‘double-header’ as my dear fishing friend George would say. I gave a recital to the residents at the Cedars, and then dashed over to the Conservatory and sang two pieces for Robyn’s concert. Two things stood out for me after all was said and done- firstly, I had no time to be nervous, and secondly, I enjoyed myself immensely. I was very moved by the fact that my audience seemed to like what I was doing too. My dear friend Chris also saved the day by showing up to help me with some wonderful harmonies! To be a blessing to others has always been my heart’s desire, being a hard-core people pleaser. But then again, there is really nothing wrong with that is there? Perhaps, if more people sang together, there would be less reason to hate, to fight, to hunker down and fast-freeze one’s soul in survivor mode. Pull out the Pepsi everyone. It is time.

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