The Princess Bride

One of my favorite stories has to be ‘The Princess Bride’. It is a story of ‘true love’, and faithfulness, overcoming trials and testings- complete with characters that have names like “Buttercup”, “Wesley”, and “Humperdinck”. It never fails to elicit raucous laughter with its parody and ridiculous caricatures of human nature. I love the rapier, Pythonesque wit- a result no doubt of multiple exposures to the inanity of the Brits. Andre the Giant is such a lovable gentle soul- in real life as well as in the role he played in the story. The prince, “a vomitus mass” forever loathed for his slimy arrogance, will never win the heart of Buttercup the fair. And erstwhile enemies become friends in the course of this redemptive tale of the ultimate triumph of light over darkness. The endearing thing about the tale is that we all secretly believe it to be true at the end of the day. “Wuv…twue wuv” never fails- the good guys will win in the end, and evil men will have their day of reckoning. Such is the child’s innocent and tenacious faith in the goodness and justice of life. So great is that trust, so enormous the will to believe, that the loss of such faith is like a death- and woe to those responsible. The creeping vines of cynicism brought forth from the soils of ‘maturity’ steal the fertile mystery that breathes magic into the profane machinations of living. It is a spiritual rust that ensues from dwelling too long in intellectual marshlands. I love the way that God uses children’s stories to bring us back to sane and centred thinking.

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