….And now for something completely different !

Theological conundrums ?.. please… Moral dilemmas ?… getta life.. Lets explore the *abjective, shall we ? And indulge in to something completely….Zany !!… So go ahead, ” Ask a Ninja ” !!… Enjoy.

* I don’t think that this is a word, I think I’m making it up…. Hey I know, why don’t you guys, based on your ‘ Ninja experience ‘, come up with a definition for me and leave it in the comments … Perhaps it will require you to be a little abductive.

7 thoughts on “….And now for something completely different !

  1. Paige,Did you mean that as a question or a exclamation !.. C’mon, throw your hat into the ring and give us a definition .. A true affiliant would … Niut ah ah ahhhh !

  2. Ah, Paige….I’m actually looking for a difinition on the word, ‘ abjective ‘. But nice try on the word,’ abductive – very descriptive….By the way, whick Ninja clip did you check out ?

  3. I’m sorry Paul, I’m very stuck-up. I looked up the word abjective and found ‘tending to degrade, humiliate or demoralize.’ I also looked up ‘abductive’ and could not find the meaning although ‘abduct’ was there. I thought I was being pretty smart. I do love playing with words though- I wanted Scrabble for Christmas because I regret selling ours in a garage sale. But it has to be the one with the purple velvet bag- I’m also particular although I don’t think that’s a bad thing… As far as ninjas go, anything to do with fighting goes completely over my head… I’m guessing it’s a way for guys to relate to each other. I relate very, very loosely to ninjas. (If I relate to them at all…) I watched the one that came on- silly ninjas, but you are not silly Paul. You’re just a guy.(And my brother)Paige

  4. From the Oxford paper back dictionary – Abject (ab-jekt) adj. 1. wretched, without resources, abject poverty. 2. lacking all pride, an abject coward; an abject apology. very humble. abjectly adv., abjection n….. So with the above reference, let me add: abjective, verb ?, actively posturing in great humility that looks like wretchedness at times – yeah, I like that; although it sounds more like shoalin than ninja…At least I now know that I didn’t make up this word…

  5. now for something completely boring….how do I link up with you guys? I want to add the link to my blog…that is if you will allow a humble, abject MOT to belong to the congregation emergent…

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