The Brothers K

Time to wring me out again. This book is an amazing “must read”, as it covers the broad spectrum of every possible emotion and situational dilemma known to man (and woman). Each personality in this remarkable family holds a mirror, as if to challenge the reader to search deeply, reaching in to pluck the strings of recognition. Despite the often violent philosophical/theological disagreements fomenting between parent and child, sibling and sibling, husband and wife- and despite the widely disparate journies embarked upon by the four brothers (and two sisters), each character is irrevocably bound to the other by a common love. The tenacity of a father’s love is not to be trifled with- and when crisis brings the family to its knees, it is obstinant love that refuses to die- and obstinant love that brings about the resurrection of a mother’s remembered love for her children. Told from the point of view of the youngest son, this story will live inside of you, carving out a permanent psychic dwelling from which images reach out to blindside you in unexpected places. For those of us “baby boomers”, the tale drips with nostalgia, tension, and the uncomfortable familiarity of unresolved idealisms. I sure hope they make a movie of it…I’ll be first in line.

One thought on “The Brothers K

  1. David James Duncan is one of my favourite American writers. His book of short stories, “River Teeth,” is superb.

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