Why do I want a new version of Blogger?

I don’t want to change. I am quite happy with the Blogger as it is right now in this moment in time. Why should I get a new version, which will undoubtedly screw everything else up on my computer? No, a little voice inside my head says “K.I.S.S.”. Just because it is newer does not mean it is better- as we in cyberspace have discovered through multiple incarnations of “Windows” (thankyou Bill).

One thought on “Why do I want a new version of Blogger?

  1. Oh Wow – you liked the movie Cold Comfort Farm – did you ever read the book? It’s great – a hilarious satire.I love your blog – and yes, you can write! You have a wonderful voice on here.Let’s have tea again – I very much enjoyed meeting you and want to see you again.Oh – I answered your question from my blog at tea today, but I chose Macrina the Younger because she was so close to Jesus all her life, and was intellegent and could teach – all things I need and want more of! Mostly her strong, strong faith, though. And she chose me, I didn’t choose her. I’ll tell you about that later, over coffee/tea.You have a wonderful son in Matthew, by the way – he’s a real gift from God!

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