Learning to trust…

I praise God for His patience with anemones like me, who by multiple experience of bitter community splits, theological deconstructions and reconstructions, and other such miseries have been rendered fearful of trusting, and thus believing and receiving the simple love offered by His people. God’s people come in all kinds of flavour varieties- but the love that resides within each is what binds them together in fellowship. Love is God’s signature- the candle in the window that announces that He is in residence. It is not a creed or theology that forges community- it is a shared love, a shared history, and a desire to walk together with curious and committed hearts- hands open to embrace all that is begifted from above. Slowly, the sarcophagus of silence is being overcome. The risk of knowing and being known is being taken. I don’t have to be anything other than myself- and hopefully that is acceptable enough. For God to watch over the honey and the sting- as this wounded soul learns to reach out in faith once again- perhaps it is the Lord building this house at last.

2 thoughts on “Learning to trust…

  1. Orthodoxy says that God often uses hurt and pain as a way of bringing a soul closer to Him, to learn to trust and lean on Him and know that only He will never reject, never turn away, never hurt. IT’s a hard thing to learn, that’s for sure, and it’s one of the hardest things to do when you have been hurt, to reach out again, knowing that hurt may come again, that rejection might follow the reaching. But just remember that God never turns away, even if we fallible humans do! (Now all I have to do is apply that to my own life!)

  2. Indeed..and the joy of knowing that there are fellow travellers on the journey, with the same fears, the same hidden places of vulnerability, makes it so much easier to step out of the shadows and take those risks.

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