Hooray- I am now on the Locals!

It gives me such virtual pleasure to be part of a living breathing cybercommunity. After a couple of false starts, I finally see my name “Nehamashira” on the blogroll of the Locals. Mind you, everyone still knows me as ‘Josie’ (or Joanne to my mother and sisters). Some may wonder- ‘who is Nehamashira’? Well, for those of you who are still baffled…that is my Hebrew name. Profound? It means “comfort-song”. A reflection of the calling that God has given me- to comfort those who mourn, and bring blessing through music. Often God gives us a new name as part of a significant encounter that we have had with Him. The name represents a change of direction, a transformation of character- perhaps the impartation of something to be realized down the road. As Shakespeare once lamented “what’s in a name?”. Names are how we define ourselves, or how we are defined by others. To name a child is a solemn undertaking- indeed to name anything at all is to ‘call into being’ that which was not.

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