New Monasticism on NMPR

Thanks to Mark Van S. for the tip on an interview tomorrow (Jan 11) 9-10am with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on NMPR’s Midmorning show. It doesn’t look like our closest NPR station (KPLU) is carrying the show, so we’ll have to check back on the website tomorrow afternoon I guess.

For those of you wondering, “Jonathan lives in/with Rutba House, a new monastic community of hospitality, peacemaking, and discipleship in Durham, North Carolina. (”


  1. ron · January 15, 2007

    Hey James, it would be nice to get a podcast of this conversation. I’ve looked around their site and have seen nothing yet, so I e-mailed Kerri Miller the host of the program. If I happen to get a link, or transcripts I’ll pass them down the food chain. Peace…Ron+

  2. James Kingsley · January 15, 2007

    thanks ron! that would be spectacular …i’ve had a look around to no avail as well.

  3. ron · January 15, 2007

    Hi James, I got hold of Kerri online had a nice chat, only to discover she was out here last summer treking around the island. Anyway, here’s the link, it’s a great discussion, well worth listening to……Ron+

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