The Last King of Scotland

Not a movie for the faint of heart. But neither is the reality that was Idi Amin. The legacy of murder, corruption, and economic destruction left in the wake of his regime left me trembling and barely able to walk out of the theatre. I have a new respect for friends who have gone to Uganda, attempting to build hope into those survivors of this broken land. Military dictatorships- be they communist, Islamic, or otherwise- are lead by the same kind power-crazed control freaks. They may speak a different language, wear different clothes, and appreciate a different cuisine- but they all share the same fundamental drive to pursue their own creature comforts at the expense of another person’s labour. Concepts like altruism, honesty, compassion, care for the most vulnerable members of society- all such virtues are utterly non-existant in the minds of those whose lust is for power. They have no fear of God- no sense of accountability to the Creator of the universe. The Judeo-Christian faith teaches us to ‘welcome the stranger’, and ‘defend the widow and the orphan’. Truth and justice are held sacred. However, the religion of power-lust knows only the violence of control, with the ends justifying the means. Such a religion scoffs at the idea of ‘loving one’ s neighbour as oneself’. I am horrified by the frank and gratuitously indulgent bloodthirstyness of human nature, and shocked by the insensitivity of the conversations overheard as we spilled out into the street…”what a neat movie” (I beg your pardon…you thought this was entertainment???). This was not a was a historical witness of barbarism so obscene, that I am left wondering why God did not repent of His original creation and let us all wash away in the flood.

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