In the night watch do I wait for Thee

I wake up to clarity- a sense of expectation hangs heavily over me, brooding as the Paracleet at the beginning of time. Speak for your servant is listening. But nothing in particular comes crashing through the ether. Perhaps You too just want the company of another soul who cannot sleep and is willing to sit with You for no particular reason. Then, let us sit together in holy silence, in the prayer that is not scripted or contrived. We need no reason to be together- the comfort of Your Presense, and the joy of resting in Your everlasting arms is enough. Maspeeck- atah ADONAI l’olam v’ed, ki l’olam chasdoh, hodu l’ADONAI ki tov. Take my life and let it be, consecrated at all times to Thee. In my waking and in my sleeping always with You, in my dying and in my living, remaining at Your feet in adoration.

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