Open Office – Copyleft Liturgy

Considering all our monastic and office chat lately, it was interesting to see the folks from Vaux have come back online with an opensource approach to liturgy. From the website:

The Open Office is an attempt to affirm that liturgical rhythm, but using resources written by people ‘on the ground’, rather than published and canonised from on high.

Each post is categorized to allow users to search through the normal headings of an Office: morning, noon, evening and night prayer, plus prayers and liturgies for festivals, birthdays and pretty much anything else. All of life can be celebrated, lamented or remembered together.

ThePrayer For a Meal on Tired Evening After a Week of Struggles in the City is especially great! Though Victoria’s not so “city” as we sometimes pretend to think it is….Perhaps “a prayer for a meal on a tired evening after a week of struggles with people who are really laid back” would be more fitting of the island…

Thoughts in general?

Via Kester Brewin

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