Come let us worship and bow down.

Sometimes I wonder if singing is for my benefit or for God’s pleasure, or perhaps both. Does God really care that I want to worship Him in this way, and if so, are my musical offerings acceptable to Him? Since God is not in the habit of speaking to me face to face, I can only say that MY soul is restored by the act of making music. The desire to give a pleasing gift is as old as Abel and Cain. One can only speculate on the attributes comprising ‘acceptability’. In musical circles, what is pleasing is highly subjective and culture-bound. In an imperfect world filled with imperfect creatures, the best we can offer is our broken, naked, and uncluttered hearts- despite what Simon says. American/Canadian idol notwithstanding, our natural abilities are only the window dressing. What burns in the hearth? Who gathers around the table? For Whom do we strive to play excellently, and for what purpose? Is it safe to be second-rate in a world that only loves winners? Will Love seek me out when I am drowning in self-loathing, hating my own mediocrity? Does anyone even care?
Alone, with no one else watching, I look to You with eyes of hope, singing to You a new song.

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