Time to be appetized…

I love Sushi ! It’s got to be some of the most artistic, well presented food out there…. And I’m not talking about the that cheesy ‘western’ friendly junk you buy in super markets. I’m talkin’ the real deal, raw and rugged texture of sea creatures finely sliced…. There’s a theology there that must be discovered with every bite. For some good Sushi in our area check out this place

…. And to get your taste buds primed, match your witts to this game , which I discovered from my good friend P. Wade . So take a break from your artsy fartsy, theological endeavours, play a game and go get some good Sushi at a very good price. Enjoy ! …. Remember, honor is everything !

2 thoughts on “Time to be appetized…

  1. Go to now ye that say artsy fartsy to the masses. Art that not calling the kettle black? For when thou thyself dost hold dear to thine own heart that thing which thou callest ‘martial arts’ is not thineownself partaking in that thing which thou hast pointed at and jeered at and made sport of? Come now brother Paul, thinkest on these things with me and ponder them in thine own heart.

  2. …Ahhhh, yeah Paige, that was pretty artsy fartsy in a medieval/pre-modern kind of way. For even that which I hold dear from time to time can suffer a little sport. Now go and eat some Sushi and give thanks to the Lord as you do so.

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