A little more contemplation…

Hey everyone…

Thought you might like to know of a service coming up with our friend Ernest the Anglican. Less talk, more prayer…sounds very cool:

Taize Prayer at UVic this Friday April 20th
4:30 pm Interfaith Chapel
Come check out this opportunity for simple, welcoming, ecumenical prayer based in the rhythm of song and silence. This style of prayer, developed by the Taize community in France, is used worldwide as a way to sink deeply into the experience of worship and cultivate the presence of God.

2 thoughts on “A little more contemplation…

  1. Hi Chris!I just stumbled into this spot through an invite to the HERO opening. Several years ago I became acquainted with Taize evenings. The L’Arche communities also were taking part. I remember one in particular that was very special. There was a ‘gesture’ toward the end, where one of the L’Arche core members held a bundle of sticks in their arms quiet and still, and then someone took their place and the sticks were transferred gently to the next. It went on in this fashion until all who wished to participate had the opportunity.So lovely.It was fantastic to see you again.Kim xo

  2. hey Kimberly, I’d love to learn more about the process and symbolism of the sticks. What did it feel like to hold such a bundle of potential energy still in your hands. How easy to pass and/or receive?Great to see you again too.Chris

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