It is with such tremendous joy that I embrace this new journey- that of being Imma to a new daughter-in-law. Perhaps this is the fulfillment of the dream that I had so long ago..where I saw a small, dark-haired and brown-eyed girl flitting in and out of the twilight that was my sleep. One can never have enough love in one’s heart, and despite the nervousness, the wondering “will what I have to give be acceptable”, I tremble with the ocean spray of new life that unfolds before me. These relationships which are the very reason that we exist have become the fragrant meadows that perfume and sanctify the mundaneness of being.

2 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. It was so good for Krista and I to meet you and Greg and Geoff, and to share the time we had with Matthew and Mira. What a joy.

  2. me too. thank you so much for opening your home to all of have a wonderful home and family. and a very pretty garden.xo

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