Gazing into the pensieve….

I know that one can never know what the future holds. It would just be nice every now and then to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead. People can endure the most incredibly harsh circumstances- but prolonged uncertainty leaves the spirit impoverished of hope. I guess that is where faith comes in- but what is it that destroys a person’s faith? And once destroyed, can it ever be rekindled again? Surely the Creator of the universe is fully aware that we are made of nothing but dirt. When life reminds of that fact, the last thing we need is for Him to slap us up the side of the head. I am sorry that I sound so cynical- if the truth were to be known, I am hanging together by a thread. Apart from feeling utterly naked and stupid emotionally, I would like nothing more than to find some hermitage to crawl into for an indeterminate period of time. This too shall pass. My beloved comes in and asks “how are you doing?”, and in the split second it takes for me to close down the window and say “fine”, I realize that I am hidden, like the future.

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