Oct 25-27, 2007 Something the locals won’t want to miss

Hey Locals

I just spent a great couple of hours (well, more like 4) chatting with folks about the Telling the Truth Conference this Oct. More details to come over the next month or so, but let me at least “leak” this info to you all now:

  • Its looking very good for us having Jamie Howison and Gord Johnson from St Benedict’s Table in Winnipeg come speak and run workshops at our conference. These guys will have a very broad appeal with something for the academic / theologically minded, artistic / creative, as well as church leaders and missional thinkers. What I’m saying is I know my “Local” friends will want to hear what they have to say, as well as participate in discussions with other members of the Church at large here in Victoria
  • We have taken care to avoid conflict with Gulu walk this year (no pun intended)… so let us be the first to suggest you mark your calendars for Thurs Oct 25 (evening), Friday Oct 26 (evening) and saturday Oct 27.
  • we’re looking to include some sharing of stories to find out what is going on in our community and beyond. If you know of someone who is doing notable work with regards to the arts and the church let us know

I’ll post further details over the summer. If you want more info now or have ideas to share, email me christine {dot} neufeld {at} gmail.com or leave a comment below.

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