Just trying something…

For those of you who are visiting the site, don’t be alarmed, please ignore this image and peruse the various articles at your enjoyment.

regarding those who are ‘locals’, I’m using this image to put a picture on my profile page – apparently I have to do this. Don’t be alarmed or dismayed, I won’t harm you… much.

Actually, now that you’re here, why not leave a comment. I think it looks awesome personally. A tribute to my Maori tanga (heritage). However this is not ‘Moko’ but would more accurately be designated as ‘ Kirituhi ‘- Skin art.

3 thoughts on “Just trying something…

  1. I’m half Maori, just over actually. I have Irish, Scottish, a pinky’s worth of German, and English – but I’ve found out that through my English ancestry that we have Viking in there too. Vikings had settlements in the north of England and south of Scotland until King Harold drove them out .. Then Harold was defeated by William the conqueror.Having said all that, it shows that I have more to my ancestral heritage than meets the eye.

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